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2 and 3 Bedroom Townhomes in Houston, TX

Plaza Del Oro Townhomes offers newly renovated 2 and 3 townhomes in Houston, Texas that were designed with a classic garden style aesthetic in mind. We pride ourselves on floor plans that maximize space and comfort.

Two Bedroom


2 Bedroom
2.5 Bath
1633 Sqft
B1-2b-25ba-1633sqft38b816ff7da2680c32528ab81160f8bb View Floor Plan Check Availability >


2 Bedroom
2.5 Bath
1720 Sqft
B2-2b-25ba-1720sqft536a7557415e83567b3ad823d5f8f4bf View Floor Plan Check Availability >


2 Bedroom
2.5 Bath
1815 Sqft
B3-2b-25ba-1815sqft85f58bf5e6d2a4338472632c5411ade9 View Floor Plan Check Availability >


2 Bedroom
2.5 Bath
1850 Sqft
B4-2b-25ba-1850sqft09dcd676380f44d42d28e3109b52c461 View Floor Plan Check Availability >

Three Bedroom


3 Bedroom
2.5 Bath
1943 Sqft
C1-3b-25ba-1943sqft22090b689e56294e0f8a9e0c181b04dc View Floor Plan Check Availability >


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Houston townhomes in the Medical Center do not often have the mixture of design and function that is found at the Plaza Del Oro Townhome community. These townhomes have high-end amenities, and beautiful, versatile floor plans. All of your townhomes are pet friendly and come with attached garages. Storage is plentiful, and the open space floor plans can accommodate a variety of furniture styles and apartment decor.

To learn more about our unique Houston community, please view the Plaza Del Oro Townhouses photo gallery to see our lovely interiors, as well as the many other amenities we have to offer.